During 2009 and 2010, Kit volunteered at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson. One of his projects involved creating a giant desert tortoise near the living tortoise enclosure. To see more photos of his ferro-concrete critter, click HERE.

ASDM Tortoise


To view photos of the December 5, 2008, opening, click HERE.


Kit Schweitzer & Betty Harris

bi• jou
1 : a small precious usually ornamental piece of delicate workmanship”

dada.contemporary presented a GROUP SHOW from December 6 – 20, 2008, in Tucson, which included several works by Kit Schweitzer.

Click to see the illustrated invitation for the bi• jou opening

"Primal Form" bracelet (silver)

Kit Schweitzer, "Primal Form" bracelet, cast sterling silver, 2008

NEW as of November 2008: Photos of dada.contemporary’s Nov. 1 reception and MORE of the Oct. 4 event!

Also, NEW as of October 4, 2008: Photos of dada.contemporary’s Oct. 4 opening reception.

NEW: This link to a Daily Star article about Kit.

"Primal Forms" at dada gallery 10-4-2008


I look at many of my sculptures as ongoing experiments. It’s the whole process that I’m fascinated with. I’m interested in techniques, new materials, and what those materials want to tell me.”

PRIMAL FORM by Kit Schweitzer: Deneb, carved steel, detail.

“Schweitzer has mastered an array of technical skills that require precision and a penchant for detail.”  Southwest Profile

My sculpture evolved from realistic to more abstract, and I’ll probably continue right on down that road.”

“A guy keen on problem-solving.” The Santa Fean Magazine

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